Products Of Chemical Industry

Products of Chemical Industry

The output from industry varies with basic chemicals created in immense quantities and few speciality chemicals created in minor quantities. The selection of reactors is usually ruled by the number of chemical that’s to be created.

There are several categorizations for the type of products from the chemical industry. As simple as that it can be divided into three categories:

  • Basic chemicals
  • Speciality chemicals
  • Consumer chemicals

Basic chemicals

Basic chemicals are divided into chemicals derived from oil, referred to as petrochemicals, polymers and basic inorganic. Most part of basic chemical are used in the industry itself and is also sold out to different industries before changing into the final product by any manufacturers. Like acetic acid is sold to paint manufacturers and many to form esters.

Many firms use a number of their chemical product as intermediates in their own producing processes. There are usually clusters of processes that use the output of a process as the input to another.

Petrochemicals and polymers

Large amount of chemicals have been produced from petroleum with increased technology changes. The main use for petrochemicals is in the manufacture of a wide range of polymers. The hydrocarbons in crude oil and gas are separated using distillation based on their difference in boiling point. These hydrocarbons are then converted to more useful products in chemical industry.

Basic inorganics

These are relatively low cost chemicals used in agriculture. These are produced in very large amounts like more than million tonnes per year which includes fertilizers containing chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric and nitric acids.

Speciality chemicals

This category consists of large variety of chemicals used for crop protection, paints and inks, colorants. This includes wide variety of chemicals used in industries like textiles, paper and engineering. This class is which routes the major profit of any chemical industry.

Consumer chemicals

This class of chemicals included in consumer chemicals are the one directly to the final users- the public. They include detergents, soaps and other toiletries. Many researches and findings are going on in production of the most user friendly and effective and environmentally safe products.